We like to keep it pure. Pure dishes fresh and super delicious. Photo shoot, meeting, baby shower, press day, launch party, office drink, brainstorm session, birthday. Whatever your reason, we are there to make it easier for you. We understand that every event is different, so we listen to your ideas. Whether you want to eat a walking buffet, a sit-down dinner, or small bites. Everything is possible and that means everything. Besides taking care of the food, we can also take care of (table) styling, cocktails, waiters, hostesses and more. Keeping you hands-free to fully enjoy the event yourself.

Food for the soul

HEALTHY ~ our most important keyword. We believe that herbs and spices can transform simple ingredients into the most amazing meals. So we love keeping our kitchen full with them, ready to make your taste buds explode.

TASTY ~ work hard, eat well. We offer the most nutritious meals packed with your daily dose of vitamins and plant based proteins to keep you going when needed.

PURE ~ no E-numbers, no MSGs, locally produced real food. Freshly made every day, so you do not have to.

COLOURFUL ~ what can we say? We get the biggest carnivores to eat our food because it looks so damn tasty. Color is central.