I am Rob Lee Tong Shik Gosker, and I founded Ushake in 2009. My head is a melting pot of experiences, gained at LE:EN, Artotel, Conservatorium Hotel, Woodstock69, private parties and visiting cocktail bars all over the world, such as Berlin, Budapest, Seoul, Vancouver, Bangkok, Paris, Los Angeles and of course Amsterdam. Always looking for the perfect experience, good food, good cocktails and a location that surprises you.

With Ushake I add all those elements together to host unique events, which people still talk about the next day with a smile. Do you want your food and drinks in the same color? Does everything on the table has to be edible? Or do you want a classic dinner? Everything is possible, and that means everything! The bigger the challenge, the more fun I have organizing it.

My Eastern blood ensures that no detail escapes me, and by being raised in a Dutch family I have a no-nonsense mentality. There are hardly any secrets for me in the hospitality world, and at the same time there is something new to learn every day. Would you like to use my knowledge and skills?

Let’s shake some ideas!